Alex Plarina
Computer Tech
ACI has been around for 26 Years and happy to support your Technical needs. We cover Many different areas from Toner to Servers and Data bases. Our goal is to keep you up and running as effectively as possible with as little down time as possible. 433-0279Website
Dave Grainger
Registered Home Inspec
Buying a home is a large investment and the buying process is often filled with uncertainty. Having the home inspected by a professional will provide you with a better understanding of the home, lessen your risk, and provide you with some peace of mind. London Pro Home Inspection’s owner Dave Grainger is a professional engineer who will provide a thorough, unbiased inspection of the home according to the home inspection industry’s Standards of Practice (CAHPI). Dave has been inspecting homes since 2009, is a Registered Home Inspector (RHI) and a multiple year Consumer’s Choice Award winner. Contact Dave anytime at 519-281-5659 or email
Susan Kovacs
Known as the "Game Changer" Susan Kovacs is a sought-after straightforward coach to ambitious high performers and an inspiring speaker who advocates that we can up our game and step into our greatness. She has an insatiable desire to help people live up to their highest potential so they can achieve their goals and live their very best life. Working with athletes,corporate leaders and sales professionals, the techniques she employs positively impact all areas of her clients lives. She is co-author of the best selling book Dream BIG Being BOLD, Inspiring Stories from Trailblazers, Visionaries & Change Makers, as well as being profiled in Defyeneurs, The Top 50 Health & Wellness Tips.
Mike De Sousa
Mortgage Broker
After working for a major Canadian bank for 11 years (the last 4 years as a Financial Advisor), I decided I needed a change. I loved the world of mortgages and I loved helping my clients with one of the largest, emotional and financial decisions of their lives.....buying a home. I also wanted the ability to spend more time with my wife and children and be there for all their sporting events. Whether it be hockey, soccer or just taking them to the park, I wanted the freedom to do so. When I left the bank, I was lucky enough to join a team of great mortgage professionals whose love of the job was contagious. We worked great together and I was able to learn so much more about the world of mortgages and running a business. After several years as a mortgage agent, I decided to further my career and education by obtaining my mortgage broker licence in 2013. Helping my clients find the best mortgage product to fit their needs and educating them on how to become mortgage free faster is my number one priority. Here at Dominion Lending Centres - Summerside Mortgages, we like making "Mortgages Simplified".
mike@SummersideMortgages.com519-649-2834 ext.
David Schefter
Financial Advisor
David Schefter, MBA Prior to starting at Raymond James, David served at the forefront of monetary policy as a research economist with the Bank of Canada in Ottawa. In that role, he was responsible for inflation forecasting as part of the Bank’s interest-rate setting function. David relocated to London, Ontario to pursue his MBA at Ivey Business School, graduating as the Gold Medallist in the class of 2014. David’s technical background has proven valuable at Raymond James, where he has built an advisory practice reflecting both the ‘art’ and ‘science’ of financial planning and investment management. Working primarily with physicians and business owners, he has helped to design and build a unique program to assist his clients in making successful life transitions, particularly the transition to retirement. David is uniquely licensed as an advisor in both Canada and the United States and can act as a single point of contact for clients with investment accounts in both countries, including IRAs, Roth accounts and 401(k)’s.
Justin Burley
Insurance Agent
My name is Justin Burley and I am an Insurance Agent for West Elgin Mutual Insurance based out of Shedden Ontario (15 Minutes West of London). I specialize in home insurance, hard to place insurance risks, agriculture insurance and auto insurance. I believe to be a successful Insurance Agent, you must have the willingness and dedication to service the needs of your clients. I strive to make every interaction with my clients a positive and pleasant experience. I assure you that your satisfaction and confidence in my service is my number ONE priority!
Ken Forbes
The Real Estate Giant
The question which is often times the most difficult to answer is ‘who are you’? Not what do you do, or where have you been; but ‘who are you’? Let me express who my clients say I am to them. My clients will tell you that I am honest, patient, sincere, and I’m a great listener. They will say that I’m attentive and understanding, I’m a gentleman who treats people well and always puts his customers first. They say that I take special care of them, and that I’m calm, generous and respectful. They have told me that I am passionate about my career and the families I represent. I have been told on many occasions that I’ve ‘set the bar very high’ and have exceeded their expectations. I can tell you, that I am always very deeply honored when a client tells me they wish to work with me. I always drive to exceed their expectations; and I have a deeply rooted emotional need to give back to my community. I do that by annually donating to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Children’s Miracle Network (Children’s Hospital – LHSC), as well this year the MS Society through being one of the sponsors of Team Revolution in the MS Bike Ride. I am blessed. My wife, Mary Sue Furtney, tells me that I am “so perfect”. I will tell you that’s not “100% Perfect” because I know what “100% perfect” is. I see 100% perfect every time I see Mary Sue and I know I’m not as good as she is. My ideal customers are people with strong 'family' values. They are honest, sincere, and either know what they want or are at least interested in exploring to discover what they want. They are first time home buyers or families well experienced in trading in real estate. Buying or Selling real estate is an immense undertaking. I council Buyer’s and Seller’s in the process of transitioning from one home to the other, in a fashion that maximizes value to them, and (hopefully) is rather seamless. Moving is stressful and I do my best to minimize the stress. If you would like to grab a coffee or just talk, please call / text my cell at 519-854-7054 at any reasonable time. God Bless You. Cheers, Ken

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