Kaizen Agenda

Kaizen Mission Statement:

Kaizen exists to build member businesses through referrals and the sharing of innovative ideas. We meet weekly to exchange referrals, but we also take a deeper interest in each other’s business. When a member is facing a challenging problem, we work together to suggest solutions.

Kaizen Benefits:
Purpose of Kaizen Networking
· To create an alliance, in the spirit of free enterprise, of Kaizen members who in their respective fields are recognized for the highest level of excellence.
· To provide a network of ethical professionals where members can refer business with confidence of satisfaction.
· To establish an environment favorable to the exchange of ideas. The objective of the exchange is the improvement of business methods and practices to the highest professional level.
· To stimulate business and professional development in our local community & beyond.

Benefits of Kaizen Membership:
· Kaizen members know fair, efficient and customer oriented service is the best way to build their business. Success through customer satisfaction.
· Confidence in knowing Kaizen companies have been pre-screened and adhere to professional ethical standards of business conduct.
· Assistance to members in problem solving ideas and objective viewpoints regarding business improvements.
· Extensive network links to executives and their companies on local levels & beyond.

Kaizen Code of Ethics
As members of Kaizen, we agree to practice and promote ethical and moral behavior in all aspects of our business relationships.
We agree to embrace and promote the qualities of honesty, integrity, and respect for all members.
We agree to abide by, and fully accept the governing laws of the land in our business and personal lives.
We will not initiate or foster any action deemed to be detrimental to the organization.
We will treat one another and our customers with the utmost of dignity and respect.

Article 1 – Name
The official name of this group shall be Kaizen Networking.

Article 2 – Head Office
The head office of this group shall be in the City of London in the Province of Ontario and at such place as the Directors may from time-to-time determine.

Article 3 – Purpose
The purpose of this group shall be to promote the business interests of its members.

Article 4 – Non-Profit
Kaizen shall be carried on without purpose of direct financial gain for its members and any profits or other accretions to Kaizen will be used in promoting its objects.

Kaizen Networking – Join

After completion of an application form, a proposed member company’s name, classification, and representatives’ names will be emailed by the Secretary to all the members for their input and vote.

The annual membership fee is as follows:
One time annual payment: $75.00 (paid on or before the first meeting in _______________)
It is clearly understood that membership is a 12 month commitment. If a member decides to leave Kaizen prematurely, there will be no reimbursement, proportional or otherwise, of their annual fee. This requirement can be waived by majority consent of the Directors, however, all the membership must be notified of the decision.

Membership is limited to one company per classification of goods sold or services provided. Any objections to a proposed membership must be made in writing to the Board of Directors. Subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, the objection of any member is sufficient to bar membership and is primarily to ensure that there will be no direct conflicts among member classifications. Areas of understandable overlapping, for example:
· Firm ‘A’ – Car Rentals
· Firm ‘B’ – Domestic Car Sales
· Firm ‘C’ – Foreign Car Sales
· Firm ‘D’ – Tire Sales and Service

will be successfully accommodated so long as a member companies representatives confine their remarks and references during a roll call, craft talks and/or bulletin remarks, to within their respective classifications. Failure to comply with this will be reason enough for the Directors, by majority consent, to immediately revoke a membership.

A member company shall be represented at the meetings of Kaizen by a person holding an executive or decision making position in the business. Such person shall attend personally at least sixty (60%) per cent of the meetings of the Kaizen in any half year. A member company may designate an alternative representative who may represent such member at not more than forty (40%) per cent of the meetings. Such alternative will not have voting privileges and is not eligible to run for the Board of Directors.

When a member does not attend the minimum required number of meetings in any half year, they immediately forfeit membership in Kaizen, is not refunded any membership fees for the current year, and their category is opened for new prospects.

The Directors, by majority consent, and for only a six month period, can exempt a member from the 60% minimum attendance requirement. The President will notify the membership of the exempted member. The Executive will keep the reason for the exemption confidential. The exempted member will make an effort to have an alternate attend in their place.’ It is solely the responsibility of the member to request this exemption.

The Kaizen year runs from ________________ to ____________ and may not have a full compliment of meetings in the month of December. Kaizen 6 month segments are from August 1 – January 31 and Feb 1 – Sept 30.

Kaizen’s AGM will be the first meeting in the month of August. Nominations for Directors will be at the first meeting in July.

Kaizen Board of Directors

A Board of Directors consisting of a minimum of 4 directors and a maximum of 8 directors shall govern Kaizen. The Executive positions will be as follows and will be determined from among the Board of Directors at the first annual meeting.

1. President
· Chair meetings of the Board and Executive
o Represents Kaizen in our community
o Prepare agendas
o Facilitate the passing of information to the members
o Signing cheques

2. Vice President
o Table concerns and is back-up to the President
o Contact for all Project Teams
o Provide a Project Team Report at Kaizen meetings
o Signing cheques

3. Treasurer
o Banking
o Financial statements
o Budgets and collection of Dues
o Provide Treasurer’s Reports at each meeting
o Provide Secretary with names of new active members
o Signing cheques

4. Secretary
o Record and produce meeting minutes
o Publish agendas and co-ordinate publications
o Maintain Membership List.
o Retain hard copies of all Kaizen business and official documents

5. Membership Director
o Develop and implement membership plans for retention of current members and growth of new members according to Kaizen goals
o Maintain the Membership List – ensure it is updated monthly
o Social event planning
o Meet and greet all guests and new members; and follow up with guests immediately after the meeting.
o Deliver a Membership Report at each meeting
o Correlate membership input and votes on new membership applications
o Ensure that all members and prospects are informed of upcoming meetings 3 days in advance.

6. Directors at Large
o Duties to be determined

Directors shall retire annually but be eligible for re-election at the Annual General Meeting.

· President ____________
· Vice-President ____________
· Secretary ____________
· Treasurer ____________
· Membership ____________

A Director of the Board can only be removed by unanimous consent of the other Directors of the Board. Removal as a director is also lose of membership unless determined otherwise by majority consent of the other directors.

Kaizen Other Rules

All cheques written on the Kaizen account need to be signed by two signatories. The President, Secretary and Treasurer have the authority to sign cheques.

It is ‘recommended’ that an applicant be in business for more than one year. A current member in good standing, if changing careers’ to an unoccupied category, may, with the majority consent of the Directors, continue membership within their new category. If this member is a Director, majority consent will not include their vote.

At the meeting, each member introduces themselves and states their referrals etc.

Kaizen Business Classifications – Already covered

Computers – Alex Parina: Advanced Computer Ideas – 519-433-0279 aplarina@vltpm.com
Financial / Investments – David Schefter: Raymond James Ltd: 519-872-0861
Home Inspections – David Grainger: London Pro Home Inspection: 519-281-5659
Home Solutions – Kyle Blyth: 226-504-2228 kyle@multihomeservices.ca
Insurance (home & auto, etc) – Justin Burley: West Elgin Mutual Insurance: 519-878-0359
Plumbing – Dan Metcalfe
Real Estate – Ken Forbes: RE/MAX Advantage Realty Inc: direct: 519-854-7054
Real Estate Law – Aron Gillard: 519-204-8222 – aron@gillardlaw.ca
Stove Services (industrial / Commercial) – Scott Davies scott scott_d_davies@hotmail.com

Kaizen Business Classifications – Available.
Advertising (Outdoor)
Advertising (Specialty)
Advertising Agency
Advertising-Weekly Newsletter
Auto Body Repair
Auto Glass
Beer and Wine Making
Better Business Bureau
Business Machines
Business Software and Training
Cable Installation Contractors
Car and Truck Rentals
Car Sales (Domestic)
Car Sales (Import)
Car Sales Foreign
Carpet and Flooring
Cash Registers and Computer Point of Sale Machines
Cleaning (Clothes)
Cleaning Services
Clothing (Ladies)
Clothing (Mens)
Coffee Supplier
Computers (Retail)
Conference and Convention Centre
Coupon Advertising
Credit Risk Management
Dining Club
Direct Marketing Specialists
Document Management
Electrical Contractor
Estate Management
Event Management and Fundraising
Fitness Training
Floor Coverings
Funeral Home
Furniture and Design
Gift Baskets
Glass and Mirror
Glass Coating and Tinting
Golf and Family Fun Centre
Hair/Skin Care Salon and Spa
Handy Man
Health Care Centre
Heating, Air conditioning and Fireplaces
Home Inspection
Home Support and Domestic Services
Ink Jet and Laser Toner Cartridge Remanufacturer
Insurance Brokers
Interior Decorating
Interior Design (Commercial)
Junk Removal
Landscaping & Snowplowing
Lawn and Garden Supplies
Lawyers, Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries
Licensee Beer, Wine and Spirit Sales
Life Coach and Workshop Facilitator
Life Insurance
Linen and Uniform Rental
Lottery and Gaming Corporation
Meal Preparation
Mobile Signs and Sign Manufacturing
Moving Company
Multimedia Products
Nutrition Supplements
One-Day Bath Remodeling
Paint and Design
Personal Transportation
Personnel Agency
Photography (Portraiture/Wedding/Aerial)
Photography (Retail)
Physical Vocational Rehabilitation
Picture Framing / Art Gallery
Pond and Waterfall Design and Installation
Pools, Spas, and Accessories
Private International Day School
Property Management
Psychotherapy and Counseling
Radio Broadcasting and Advertising
Realtor Residential and Commercial
Rubber Stamps / Corporate Seals
Rust proofing
Security Systems
Signs (Displays and Exhibits)
Software Training
Stock Broker and Investments
Surveying and Engineering
Television Advertising
Tile and Grout Restoration
Tire Sales and Automobile Service
Training and Development
Travel Agent
Trim, Doors and Hardware
Water Treatment
Window / Siding / Ceiling Cleaning
Window Coverings
Wireless Telecommunications
Writing – Business and Technical

Networking With Purpose